my rendezvous with you. this life does not fail to reach and touch every single day. in those moments, it expands, fills space with passion to live. and you wake up everyday, to watch the first sunrise then to call me. days melt into night, same poetry resonates a new meaning every new day. your eyes, your passion lives in me.

passion, abstract.


the music

the longest days are filled with music. nowadays the only salvation to the soul seems to be your playlists, the ones that we built. the lyrics symbolizes much of our thoughts, many of our wishes and almost all of our dreams. we lived on notes of music.

music we shared.


random walks

the cruelest moments in ones life comes to dawn when we realize all the wrong people we have been listening to and all the wrong words. and having a lost heart to comprehend something that is right, but never was felt in the eyes.



till this day, your presence makes my heart flutter. your images kill me. but you were never mine, and never will be here with me on this grand journey. how i wish the opposite. i still love you.

living life uncharted.



a night of dreams brought back memories I never wished for. looking back today, those were the touches I really wanted for eternity. you live in those dreams, you never gave up on me in those dreams.

a night of dreams.


electric dreams

there was this strong vibration when i held you the other night. amazing mesmerizing warm, seductive and sensual. the feeling felt at the core of the soul, the moment of euphoria, tangled dreams and raw skin touching to illuminate the minds eye. the bright light of liberation, the engaging kiss, the laughter and the ultimate ending. on pages of journals, in memories and to the future.


return to me

in life and in death. one question lingers. where do you return to. whom do you go to. it doesn't dawn in our early years, i doesn't ring a thing during the god awful 'learning curve' years. but there will come a time of retrospection that you live for-ever. at that time you and me will ask the same question. or wish for the same thing. return to me. i promise this will be forever.


evening rain

something i was expecting last summer evening, you and the rain. the fragrance of earth showered with first drops of rain brought back childhood adventures in rain-jungles. the always mysterious boundaries set around a magnificent sunset never changes with age. then it was all gone, and you came. and the rest of the day was filled with jokes and laughter. those memories will haunt many ages, and then those too will wither away.



at some point in life we develop the capacity to form words and full sentences. and at that very point in life we start to be careless with our words, we loose respect for words. then comes indecisiveness in life, which quickly morphs into fear. but i guess what is worst is when you choose not to say anything, and everything slowly blurs into the walls of yesterday and past memories. i just want to tell you that i really enjoyed those words, how careless, how careful or how beautifully confusing they were. i really lived those words.


of the many yesterdays

i looked around to find warm memories in the eyes of a lot of people. and when i asked, if its to last forever, they said yes. but i want to erase my painful memories. there are some that inflict more pain each time. and they said just look at it as something done and sealed. but i look at it as something that could have been better. the day you left. the time it rained at night and i sunk into bed with a painful heart. the tears that dried and warm winds that blew streams of assurance in the cold night. those memories, reluctantly flowing even today.


the variety of issues, the magnitude of the events, the characters involved and the reaction. it brings out pure human emotion, divine disregard for the surrounding and instant gratification for all souls involved. that's the power of communication, piercing through the deafening silence of the digital scapes. i need that once a day, twice max. ill be fine. how about you?


the walk

i love walking, i think ive been walking forever. the festivals, the parks and the malls, school and university, the trekking, the jungles, hills and mountains. but when i got my car, i stopped doing this regularly. walking became a weekend jaunt, something of a burden, something i still like doing but never really enjoyed doing. so today i was walking to the clients place and i took the longest route possible forgetting its the intense summer sun of california. minus the burn, it was worthwhile. wished all those who drive walked.

of beautiful mornings

not trying to take away anything from perfect moments. the morning sun sweeps in akin to beautiful music. day and night doesn't matter anymore when the mornings rays bath all soul waiting for a new day and new beginning. wishing you a good happy morning. wishing everyone a good happy morning.


ive been telling myself music defines a person. justifies the meaning of life, for all we don't know about it and for all the searching we do for the meaning. for everything that's gone and dead, for everything lost and withering away in defiance for time and space, music exists to give you hope and another day in this world. music tunes your soul with the notes of our world.



right now i wish to be walking along the beautiful shores of the bay area. right now i'm talking with an old friend who always been there for me. who have always knew our lives were charted out, to achieve the things we dreamed of. and all this, it came from being patient. wished it was the same with you. but then, maybe it was the rush of life that brought out many truths. and the truths that makes the next steps much more meaningful.

good morning

a good morning. a hug and a kiss. some breakfast and newspapers. the still cool morning air, and just before warm waves of the summer starts to caress the masses. among the ten tables, two families, three couples, two dudes with macs and a ghost. and not forgetting the patrons at the patio, the dozen of them from various corners chirping happily ever after. and my gaze was on the mountains and my mind was with you.

sunrise somewhere

a solitary figure on the unending dessert scapes. i always wondered how it was when somewhere in the world a sunrise brings a sunset in another part. there is this almost surreal feeling of connection in scapes with no humans interference. i looked out the window today to see some early birds charting the skies. and a soft trail of water ice forming slivers of cloud almost magical in this mortal world.

and the sun comes.

the white background

i figured a nice white background would go well this time. as they say, paint the white canvas, with colors. black just absorbs too much stuff.

its 5 am here. im waiting for sunrise before i hit the bed.