evening rain

something i was expecting last summer evening, you and the rain. the fragrance of earth showered with first drops of rain brought back childhood adventures in rain-jungles. the always mysterious boundaries set around a magnificent sunset never changes with age. then it was all gone, and you came. and the rest of the day was filled with jokes and laughter. those memories will haunt many ages, and then those too will wither away.

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  1. Sivan I have to say that I think those memories will fade over time, but at the same time most of them ya know the ones that made a heart impression will always be there in the back of our minds until something happens or similar words said sparks them and they begin to play back into our memory all over again! just like we just lived it yesterday!

    No withers okay?? Just a safe place to put them until we want to revisit that place again!


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