of the many yesterdays

i looked around to find warm memories in the eyes of a lot of people. and when i asked, if its to last forever, they said yes. but i want to erase my painful memories. there are some that inflict more pain each time. and they said just look at it as something done and sealed. but i look at it as something that could have been better. the day you left. the time it rained at night and i sunk into bed with a painful heart. the tears that dried and warm winds that blew streams of assurance in the cold night. those memories, reluctantly flowing even today.

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  1. My heart felt this, I feel this more now than ever. The pain is something that Will get better with time, but yet it gives you NO time table to when it will leave.

    I am going to just walk away. Leave for awhile, get my head on straight and I pray that that friendship is still there waiting for me when I come back.

    Good one!


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