return to me

in life and in death. one question lingers. where do you return to. whom do you go to. it doesn't dawn in our early years, i doesn't ring a thing during the god awful 'learning curve' years. but there will come a time of retrospection that you live for-ever. at that time you and me will ask the same question. or wish for the same thing. return to me. i promise this will be forever.


  1. I loved the title! lol. I really want the old me to return, she was so less complicated and she seen things in a magical way!

    Life returns bits and pieces but never the whole self.. Because everything that left, returned as a learning experience!

    Still sitting along side a beach and or just in my bed, I want life to return to me everything I felt I lost!

  2. guess where i stole the title :p

    thank you for the comments. some i cant answer, i just felt it goes a long in not justifying the answers, just to live it.

    i just hope one day when we return to our old self's, we would not loose the experience, the imagination and life of turbulent times. life is much more rewarding in what we have learned. from what we have learned.

    Ne, hold on for the greatest rides, yet to come :)
    Hugs and Luv ya.


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