my rendezvous with you. this life does not fail to reach and touch every single day. in those moments, it expands, fills space with passion to live. and you wake up everyday, to watch the first sunrise then to call me. days melt into night, same poetry resonates a new meaning every new day. your eyes, your passion lives in me.

passion, abstract.


  1. Nice Blog.. Pl do visit my blog..

  2. Profound thoughts casted in few lines, sharp n poetic.

  3. i have lost it all but this piece tickles me :)

  4. hey guys...well...i forgot to set the comments to forward to my email...! sorry bout that...heres to reply :)

    thanks for the comments :)

    @standby ...its a life i lived in the past bro, people left and came back and left again.

    @indrajit thanks :)

    @americandesi (:p...ok i need a nick for you). thank you...now i read it back...it sound disjointed...bt was very depressed n sad when i wrote this...i think it tells alot about the situation then..heheh.

    thanks again :)


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